The Department of Orthodontics & Oral Facial Genetics boasts a diverse faculty trained in multiple orthodontic techniques. Many faculty have secondary specialties that have contributed to the uniqueness and success of the program. We are grateful for their hard work and dedication, and especially to our volunteers for their time.

Our organizational chart is available here.


*Katherine S. Kula, MS, DMD, MS, Director, MSD Program


Ahmed A. M. Ghoneima, BDS, MSc, PhD, Director, 3D Imaging Lab
Irina L. Leyvand
, DDS, MS, Critical Thinking Skills Instructor, Pre-doctoral Program
Sean Shih-Yao Liu
, DDS, MS, PhD, Director, Mineralized Tissue and Histology Research Laboratory and Orthodontic Fellowship Program
Kelton T. Stewart
, DDS, MS, Director, Orthodontic Clinic


*James J. Baldwin, DDS, MSD
*#Jeffrey A. Dean, DDS, MSD, Executive Associate Dean and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
*Toshio Deguchi, DDS, MSD, PhD
Susan M. Dluz, PhD, Critical Thinking Skills Instructor, Pre-doctoral Program
Francisco E. Eraso, DDS, MS, MS (Cert. OMFR), MSD
*Michael C. Frazier, DDS, MS
*Donald I. George, DMD, MS, MS
*Charles Pritchett, DDS, MSD
*O.H. Rigsbee, DDS, MS
Jennifer A. Russell, DDS, MSD


*Timothy Alford, DDS, MSD
*Jason K. Bunch, DDS, MSD 
*Nelson R. Diers, DDS, MSD
*J. Courtney Gorman, DDS, MSD
*Ken Hyde, DDS, MS
Michael J. Koufos, DDS, MSD
James R. Miller, DDS, MSD, PhD
*Anthony M. Puntillo, DDS, MSD

Joint Appointments with Purdue University School of Engineering & Technology (IUPUI)

Jie Chen, PhD, Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Thomas R. Katona, DMD, PhD, Director of the Biomechanics Laboratory 

Adjunct Faculty and Retired Faculty

*Charles Burstone, DDS, Ph.D.
*^James K. Hartsfield, DMD, PhD
*William F. Hohlt, DDS, Professor Emeritus of Orthodontics
*W. Eugene Roberts, DDS, PhD, DHC (Med), Professor Emeritus of Orthodontics 
James C. Shanks, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Speech Pathology
Richard E. Ward, MA, PhD, Executive Director of the Center for Research and Learning (CRL)

*  Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics
^  Certified by the American Board of Medical Genetics
#  Certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry