Orthodontic Fellowship

The department hosts a continuing education course entitled "Orthodontic Fellowship for the General Practitioner" to U.S.- and foreign-trained dental graduates designed to allow participants to increase their understanding of the orthodontic specialty and to improve their background for future application to an orthodontic specialty program.

Length of fellowship
This fellowship is for one calendar year starting 01 July of each year and ending 30 June of the following year.

Course Work
This fellowship is designed to provide orthodontic experience beyond predoctoral training in case analysis and treatment as well as didactic background and research. This course will provide the fellow with an opportunity to increase diagnostic and treatment planning understanding necessary for an orthodontic graduate program. Although the fellowship will encompass clinical, didactic and research components, the areas of emphasis will be tailored to the fellow. For example, the fellow will participate in several courses and case conferences in which the orthodontic graduate students enroll. In addition, the fellow will be expected to work on either a basic or a clinical research project with an assigned mentor. The research project should result in either a presentation at a national meeting or a publication in the orthodontic literature.

Tuition and other costs
The tuition will be $25,000 for in-state and $50,000 for out-of-state students (as determined by IU residency guidelines). A computer that is compatible with IUSD standards is required to access various programs. A list of instruments required for various courses will be provided and the fellow can bring those or buy them from IUSD. Costs to attend local and national orthodontic meetings will be personal and depend on the fellow's interest. They are not included in the continuing education tuition. However, the fellow can attend all orthodontic continuing education or programs arranged by the department at no cost. International students are required to enroll in the University's insurance program for post-graduate students. The cost will vary based on the University's fee schedule; this cost is not covered by the program.

Fees will be paid as follows
First half by June 30 of the year of attendance and second half by January 03 of the year of attendance.

Number of fellows
A maximum of three fellows will be taken each year. If the faculty decide they can support didactically, clinically and through research more than three fellows, notice will be provided.

Upon completion of the fellowship, a certificate of attendance and 1,500 hours continuing education units (CEUs) will be awarded.

Clinical Experience
The Orthodontic Fellow will observe and assist faculty and graduate students at the IUSD Orthodontic Clinic in the evaluation and management of patients. Additional level of clinical participation will be determined by the level of interest and abilities of the applicant and the Fellowship Program Director in consultation with the Chairperson and other faculty clinical director.

Research Experience
The Orthodontic Fellow will participate with a faculty member on campus (i.e. the Director of the Orthodontic Fellowship Program) in a research project that is expected to produce either a national presentation or a manuscript. One credit hour of research must be taken each semester and is included in the tuition.

Didactic Experience
The Orthodontic Fellow will participate in all weekly orthodontic seminars and courses geared toward the first year orthodontic graduate students except for courses given outside the department. The following courses are examples of the didactic program: Cephalometrics; Advanced Orthodontic Techniques; Orthodontic Grand Rounds; Bone Physiology, Imaging and Implant Anchorage; Clinical Orthodontics Seminars; Craniofacial Seminar; Interdisciplinary Seminar; Practice Management Seminar; Orthodontic Research; Bio-Mechanics; Dento-Facial Analysis; Surgical Orthodontics Seminar; Craniofacial Growth and Development; Mixed Dentition; Craniofacial Physiology; Interdisciplinary Seminar; Orthodontics Literature Review.

To have the best opportunity to be accepted, apply for the Fellowship Program, complete the Orthodontic Fellowship Application along with any supplemental items prior to January 31, 2014. Applications will be reviewed by the fellowship admissions committee who will announce their selection. The positions will remain open until filled. Additional instructions are contained within the application. International individuals who have not been trained in English are required to take the English for Academic Purposes Examination. Based on the score, the fellow might have to enroll and take G013 - Academic Writing for Grad Students. TOEFL scores must be submitted.

For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Sean Shih-Yao Liu

Department of Orthodontics & Oral Facial Genetics
Indiana University School of Dentistry
1121 West Michigan Street, Room 250A
Indianapolis, INĀ  46202-5186