Biomechanics Research Laboratory

Dr. Thomas Katona is the Director of the Biomechanics Research Laboratory, which is approximately 800 square feet of space in DS 250B and 250C (a shared laboratory). A comprehensive fundraising campaign in the early nineties enabled the department to purchase the MTS testing machine and remodel the area for its use. The laboratory is immediately adjacent to the Mineralized Tissue and Histology Research Laboratory complex to maximize opportunities for collaborative research.


MTS testing machine: general mechanical testing

Up-to-date computers (Dell workstations)

Access to general histological materials

Pro/Engineer: computer aided design software

Unigraphics: computer aided design software

ANSYS/Workbench: state of the art finite element analysis and CAD package

Materialise Mimics: provides interface/transformation between CT data and CAD/FEA data

MATLAB: mathematical software

Fraclac: fractal analysis software

SPSS: statistical package.

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