Postdoctoral Program

Pediatric Dentistry Postdoctoral Program
(24 Months)

Selection Process

  1. Requires graduates from accredited dental schools in the U.S. or Canada.
  2. Considers academic and clinical performance in undergraduate education and dental school.
  3. Considers letters of recommendation.
  4. Includes evaluation of communication skills (verbal and written) as reflected by the candidates'
    application materials and interviews.
  5. Evaluates candidates' desire for specialty training in pediatric dentistry, their ability to get along
    with others, and to work hard as a team member.
  6. A committee of faculty and graduate students establish the final candidate rankings.
  7. Our selection process is facilitated through our use of both the PASS and the National Matching
    Services programs.

Training Program

Each year we receive between 90 and 100 applicants. This year the number of residents in the program was increased and we were able to accept 7 new residents. Our Pediatric Dentistry Postdoctoral Program offers the experiences required for competence in Pediatric Dentistry. The resident increases his medical knowledge and gains hospital experience.

Currently, the first year Pediatric Dentistry residents receive $52,463 per year plus fringe benefits as full-time employees in our healthcare system. Tuition and equipment costs total approximately $31,000 per year.

Certificate and Master's Degree

A clinical certificate will be conferred upon completion of the MSD degree requirements.  Be advised, this is a degree program.  There is no option for a clinical certificate only. 

Application Process:   Please read this information carefully.   If you have any questions, please contact Barb Lerner, Coordinator of Graduate Records and Admissions, at (317) 274-5348

If you are interested in doing an externship in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, please click here.