The Campus Dental Assisting Program

The dental assisting program is a division of Allied Dental Programs within the Department of Comprehensive Care in the School of Dentistry.  Students enrolled in the campus program at the School of Dentistry are immersed in the profession of dentistry by being integrated into School of Dentistry pre-doctoral and advanced education specialty clinics.   There are opportunities to learn not only from our dentall assisting faculty, but also from the pre-doctoral students, advanced education doctors preparing themselves to become specialists and the staff dental assistants.  School of Dentistry students have unlimited access to a variety of clinical settings and the expertise of internationally known dental faculty.

All dental assisting program’s faculty both at the School of Dentistry and IUFW are experienced and dedicated dental professionals who are well known in the profession; internationally, nationally and locally.  The assisting faculty have many years of private practice experience in multiple practice settings and decades of teaching experience. Their passion for teaching excellence ensures a comprehensive education for the next generation of career dental assistants and enables the faculty to provide the dental community with professional, competent, healthcare providers.

Because of our unique educational environment, our students are in contact with many local dentists who are dental faculty members, pre-doctoral students and residents who will graduate and need employees. This puts our students in a good position to become employed, sometimes even before they graduate.

The School of Dentistry campus offers the elective course; Expanded Restorative Functions during the spring semester for all assisting students. This is a 3 credit hour course with a separate materials fee.  Students must qualify to register for this course. The information about qualifying for this course and other course offerings are discussed early in the fall semester, so all students are informed.  IUFW dental assisting program offers an Orthodontic course that prepares assisting students more for assisting with these duties.

It's important for potential applicants to know, reliable transportation is required for all students, no exceptions will be made.  School of Dentistry Campus students should expect to be in classes, labs or clinics from 8-5 Monday through Friday.

All students must have access to a computer to download course materials from Canvas, I.U’s educational platform. Many courses provide videos for students to watch prior to the class session and podcasts of lectures for students' review of course material. These course materials will require a fast Internet connection to insure the student will actually be able to open the materials.

Most documents developed for the dental assisting program have been developed using Microsoft Office 7 or greater.  All students must have this software on their computers to be able to open documents uploaded into Canvas.  Students can download the necessary software from the site.