You MUST apply to BOTH the University and the program of your choice.  You will NOT be considered for either of the Dental Assisting Programs if you are NOT already admitted to the University.

Application Process:

The IUPUI University application can be found at

Complete the IUSD DA Program Application

Distance Learning Applicants: 

In addition to the above, Distance Learning students must also complete the following 2 forms: 

1.  Sponsoring Dentist form.  Link to form
2.  Contact Information for Sponsoring Dentist form.  Link to form

Pre-enrollment Process:

Print the REQUIRED IUSD Immunization form, have it completed as instructed and turn it in during Orientation.  This form will be evaluated during Orientation by an IUPUI Student Health Nurse and the dental assisting program:  Link to  immunization form

Off Site TB tests  - form can be located in the documents section of GIS

Required paperwork.  Link to information

Emergency Contact form.   Link to form

Estimate of Dental Assisting fees for 2018-2019.  Link to form