Pre-enrollment Requirements

Once our admissions committee meets and make their selections for the new class, acceptance e-mails will be sent to notify the new students. Formal acceptance letters will follow sent through the US Postal Service.

The following forms must be filled out and collected.  The campus program will collect these documents at  Orientation.  The Distance Learning Program Director will contact her students about collecting this information.

Background Checks –All incoming dental assisting students are required to comply with the Indiana University Policy on background checks (see policy below).   The information necessary to begin the background process   will be sent to you if you are accepted into the program. 

Indiana University Policy on Background Checks:

“Indiana University implemented a policy effective April 30, 2012 regarding working with children. This policy states, “Programs must ensure that all faculty and academic staff, staff, students, volunteers, or other personnel who will work with children have been subject to a criminal background check and sex offender registry check within the last three years. Background and sex offender registry checks must be repeated at least every three years thereafter. Individual programs or units may require more frequent updates.”

“A program may not allow the participation in the program of any academic, faculty, staff, hourly employee, student, volunteer or other personnel whose criminal background check and/or sex offender registry check includes a record of sexually based offenses or crimes against children.”

The details of the administration of the background checks and policing of the policy are subject to change and are communicated to student individually. Additional information regarding this policy can be found at

CPR - All incoming students must have CPR Level C for Health Care Providers. Applicants that are selected by the Dental Assisting Admissions Committee will receive information about obtaining approved CPR Certification.  Your CPR card must be current and be active for at least a year after your May graduation date. The requirement will allow you to take and pass the Dental Assisting National Board exams.

Emergency Contact Form – filled out and turned in.

Immunizations - All Immunizations must be up-to-date by the Pre-enrollment Paperwork Day and the IUSD Immunization form must be completely filled out WITH ATTACHED DOCUMENTATION FROM YOUR DOCTOR.   Students that do not have their immunizations up-to-date will not be allowed to attend classes.  We recommend that you begin working on your immunizations when you decide to apply to our program.

The Hepatitis B Vaccine should be started as soon as you have been notified of your acceptance into the program.  This vaccination is often given as part of your childhood immunizations. Refer to the Forms tab to locate the IUSD Immunization form.  You must bring 2 copies of the immunization form WITH ATTACHED DOCUMENTATION FROM YOUR DOCTOR with you to the Pre-enrollment Paperwork meeting.

Proof of Medical Insurance –All students at Indiana University School of Dentistry are required to have health insurance coverage in place at the time they begin classes.  Students who are not covered by parents/spouse:

  • may be able to choose a new health plan through the Indiana Marketplace exchange available as part of Healthcare Reform, or a plan in your home state.
  • You or your family may also qualify for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).
  • You can choose to buy a new health plan directly from an insurance company or with the help of an agent or broker. But remember, if you qualify for lower costs or tax incentives, you can get those savings only if you enroll through the Indiana Marketplace exchange.

You must bring a copy of your insurance card to Orientation.