Periodontics and Allied Dental Programs Mission Statement

 The mission of the Indiana University School of Dentistry (IUSD) Department of Periodontics and Allied Dental Programs is to promote and engage in excellence in teaching and learning, research and creative activities, patient centered care, civic engagement and professional/community service that will advance the oral/periodontal health as well as the overall health of the people of the State of Indiana and beyond.











• Develop competent clinicians who are critical thinkers and lifelong learners
• Promote the development of ethical, professionally responsible and culturally sensitive practitioners
• Attract and support highly qualified, diverse student populations in each of its programs
• Recruit and develop excellent faculty by supporting the scholarship of teaching and learning

• Conduct world-class, cutting edge research. Engage in scholarship and creative activities to further the knowledge in all aspects of periodontal and oral health, as well as general health, through an extensive, innovative research program supported by external funding that involves faculty, students, and staff.
• Disseminate new information through publications and facilitate the translation of new findings to improve the periodontal, oral health and general overall health of the people of the State of Indiana and beyond.
• Maintain and enhance the roles of the School of Dentistry and the Department of Periodontics and Allied Dental Programs in particular as vital and productive members of the scholarly community of the Indiana University family by encouraging local, national, and international partnerships and collaborations.

• Promote ‘disease prevention’ as a cornerstone to our treatment philosophy
• Provide comprehensive, evidence-based oral, periodontal and implant-related treatment
• Promote education systems that allow patients to make informed decisions and to become active participants in their dental care

• Serve local, state, national, and international communities through partnerships involving clinical care, service-learning, and community engaged scholarships
• Provide professional services to the university and to the profession.