Pre-doctoral Clinical Program

Pre-Doctoral Clinical Program

Junior and Senior Years

The primary goal of the Periodontics Department is to give each student the opportunity to learn the basic concepts and develop clinical competency in areas listed below. It is, of course, the responsibility of the student to take advantage of this opportunity and to acquire this knowledge and skill. 

The following skills are emphasized in the predoctoral clinics: 

  •     Periodontal Examination 
  •     Periodontal Charting & Record Keeping 
  •     Diagnosis of Periodontal Diseases 
  •     Periodontal Treatment Planning 
  •     Dental Prophylaxis
  •      Periodontal Scaling & Root Planing 
  •     Periodontal Maintenance 
  •     Management of Periodontal Emergencies 
  •     Appropriate Referral of Periodontal Patients

Pre-Doctoral Periodontal Surgery 

The secondary goal of the Periodontics Department is to teach the fundamentals of periodontal surgery to junior and senior dental students. Students who have completed the advanced periodontal surgery course and the Pig Lab and have assisted on at least one (1) surgical procedure may be permitted to perform minor periodontal surgical procedures on their patients. This has to be cleared by the Director of Pre-Doctoral Periodontics.