MS/MSD Dental Materials Program

Program Director: Tien-Min Gabriel Chu DDS, PhD
Graduate Program Director and Associate Professor 
Department of Restorative Dentistry
Division of Dental Biomaterials
Indiana University School of Dentistry
1121 West Michigan Street, Room DS 112D
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 274-5148 (telephone number)
(317) 278-7462 (fax number)

Thank you for your interest in the Graduate Dental Materials Program at Indiana University School of Dentistry. Students accepted for this program work toward fulfilling requirements for the Master of Science in Dentistry (MSD) degree from Indiana University School of Dentistry or for a Master of Science (MS) degree from the Graduate School at Indiana University. Individuals who have a dental degree may elect either degree program. Those who do not have a dental degree would be enrolled in the Master of Science program in the Indiana University Graduate School.

Dentists in the MSD dental materials program will complete didactic courses in Dental Materials.  Their minor normally is in one of the restorative dentistry specialties.   Former dental students who choose the MS curriculum may either minor in a basic science or one of the restorative dentistry specialties.

Students without dental degrees will complete the MS curriculum and minor in a basic science or one of the fields of engineering available at the University.

In addition, a research project is conducted which culminates in a thesis acceptable by the appropriate graduate committee and/or school. The program is normally 24 months in duration.

General course requirements, thesis requirements and final examinations in fulfillment of degree requirements are describe in the IUSD Academic Bulletin.  The requirements for the degree may change or be amended and it will be the student's obligation to keep abreast of these changes by maintaining close contact with his/her program director.

Application Procedures

Application Deadline:  November 1

Applicants are required to complete the university online application.   

An interview in person is not required but is recommended. Applicants should contact my office before November 1 if they want to arrange an interview. For individuals who speak English as a second language, either an interview in person or by telephone is required.

Please submit the following supplemental materials to:

Indiana University School of Dentistry
Office of Graduate Education and Global Engagement
1121 W Michigan Street, Room 280B
Indianapolis, IN  46202

US Applicants:   A US citizen whose secondary education was in the US

International Applicants:  A US citizen, permanent resident (green card), refugee, political asylee whose secondary education was outside of the US or a non-US citizen whose secondary education was outside and/or in the US

Status of Application

Applicants will receive notification of receipt of their application.  The Committee will not review incomplete files; therefore, it is up to the applicant to verify status of his/her file.  Completed applications are reviewed and acceptance letters and contracts will be sent to each accepted applicant.  

Starting Date

MSD program:  Accepted international students must arrive the end of May in order to complete the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) placement examination.  If an English course is required as a result of the placement examination, the English course will be completed the month of June.  The MSD curriculum begins in July.

MS program:  The MD curriculum will begin mid-August (the beginning of the fall semester).

Students are not admitted for spring semester (January).

Rules Determining Resident and Nonresident Student Status for Indiana University Fee Purposes

With very few exceptions, if you enter Indiana University School of Dentistry as a non-resident, you will remain a non-resident (for fee-paying purposes) throughout your postgraduate education.  Attending Indiana University School of Dentistry for one year does not entitle you to resident tuition if you are not from Indiana.

If you have any questions regarding the MS or MSD dental materials graduate program, please email the Office of Graduate Education and Global Engagement at