Seminar:  Dental Implants Fellowship

1. General Course Information

Course Director: Dr. Kellie Schaub
Course Credit Hours: 1.0
Components of the Course:

This course is a graduate non-degree course. It is a one-year program in dental implants, and composed of lectures; self-study sessions, laboratory exercises, hands on experiences as well as surgical and restorative clinical experiences. The course is schedule for one full academic year (Fall, Summer and Spring Sessions)

2. Purpose of the Course

To provide an in depth educational opportunity in the area of dental implants including all aspect of this treatment modality.

3. Goals of the Course

The following IUSD Institutional Competencies will be addressed in this module as they pertain to Dental Implants:

#7. Graduates must be competent in the diagnosis and restoration of defective teeth to form, function and esthetics in the adolescent, adult and geriatric patient.

4. Expected Outcomes

At the completion of this course the students should be able to:

1.   Provide dental implants as a treatment option taking into consideration patient’s goals and values, and when it is compatible with contemporary therapeutics, and congruent with patient-centered, comprehensive oral health care philosophy and within evidence based dentistry.

2.   Draw upon basic and clinical knowledge to exercise sound clinical judgment when dealing with dental implants.

3.   Understand and recognize conditions of health that may influence treatment with dental implants.  

4.   Discuss patient’s responsibilities, time requirements and sequence of treatment when dental implants are involved.

5.   Explain the fundamentals of osseo-integrated implantology including placement and the restoration of dental implants within the current evidence in the literature.

6.   Discuss patient education and instruction on post-insertion care and maintenance of dental implant restorations and prostheses.

7.   Complete a diagnostic work up utilizing standard of care as well up to date technological tools and aids.

8.   Perform surgical procedures, of non-complex nature, for the placement and or in support of placing endossoeus dental implants.

9.   Restore dental implants with a variety of modalities of treatment and utilizing state of the art techniques and methodologies.

10. To recognize the situations in which to refer the patient to a specialist.

 5. Learning Resources

There are no required textbooks for this course. There will be Self Study Sessions of assigned Dental Implant Literature. This information should be available at our dental library. Other textbooks and articles related to dental implants are also available to the students as supplemental resources.

6. Overview of Student Evaluation Methods

 This is a graduate course with pass/fail evaluation criteria. Commonly used tools could be used at the discretion of the course director. This could include but are not limited to: written and oral examinations, case presentations, clinical grades, research reports and presentations

Attendance Policy:

Attendance is mandatory. Excused absences must be approved in advance by the course director.   

7.  Additional Course Policies and Procedures

      Faculty Contact Information:

      Dr. David Brown  DS S315
      Phone: 317-278-3398

           Remediation Methods:

If the course director, as well as, the Office of Dental Education and the Office of Student Affairs consider remediation appropriate, it will consist of a written and oral examination in front of a panel of the support faculty for the course.

            Unprofessional Behavior:

Professional behavior is expected in all aspects of course interactions including attendance, assessments and clinical activities. Any professional misconduct will be pursued following the proper IUSD established policies and procedures and may result in suspension or termination from this course.

8. Course Curriculum

             Dental Implant Fellowship Curriculum

  1. Introductory Course
    1. History
    2. Success and Failures
    3. Lit review
    4. Implant companies, Components, Hands on (Surgical/Restorative)
    5. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
                 i.        Restorative diagnostic work up          
                 ii.       Surgical guides
                 iii.      Radiology (Traditional/CT)
                 iv.       Surgical Didactic
                 v.        Restorative Didactic
                 vi.       Maintenance and Troubleshooting
      1. Radiology Rotation
        1. Exposure to Technology as well as Interpretation
        2. Computer generated surgical guides
        3. ACLS Training and Certification
        4. IV sedation training and Certification
        5. Surgical Rotations (Block and/or In Progress)
          1. Grad Perio
          2. OS
          3. Restorative Rotation
            1. Grad Pros
            2. Under Grad Implant Clinic
            3. Undergrad Implant Didactic Course
            4. Externship Rotation (Last week)
              1. Private Practice observation

Also the fellow will have to attend a minimum of ten hours of CE in the topic of dental implants as well as have a research project with at least a poster presentation.

Schedule will be arranged between the course director, support faculty and the fellow.

Note: This course syllabus is subject to modification at anytime at the discretion of the course director within IUSD policies and procedures in an effort to improved or customize the course and the experience of the fellow. The up to date version will be available online in Oncourse.