IUSD Staff Council By-laws

The mission of the Staff Council at Indiana University School of Dentistry is to represent the staff in the communication and decision-making processes of the School in support of the School's overall mission to promote optimal oral and general health oflndiana citizens and others through education, research, and service programs. 

  • To increase the sense of identity, recognition, and worth of each staff member.
  • To identify issues pertaining to staff and to see their solutions.
  • To promote communication  ofstaffwith administration and faculty.
  • To work in conjunction with the Director of Staff Development and Support (referred to as Director).
  • To achieve these goals, the Staff Council sponsors activities to raise funds, promote recognition and support community outreach.

II.        Membership

The Staff Council shall consist of all full-time, part-time and hourly employees.  All staff are encouraged and invited to attend Staff Council Meetings.

III.        Officers

Staff Council Officers shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers shall be elected annually.  Terms run from January to December.  In the event an officer is unable to complete his/her term, a special election will be held.

President:  The President shall preside over meetings of the Staff Council and the Executive Committee.  The President shall serve on the Staff Conference Planning Committee.

  • Vice-President:  The Vice-President shall act on behalf of the President upon his/her request and will act as recording secretary in the absence of the Secretary.
  • Secretary:  The Secretary shall record and distribute minutes, prepare correspondence and record attendance at meetings.  The Secretary shall maintain the bulletin board, photo album and other permanent records.
  • Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall maintain the financial records, disbursement of funds at the direction of the President or the Executive Committee and present financial reports at meetings.

IV.         Committees

Committees will be created  as needed to support  community outreach,  staff recognition and the annual  staff conference.

  • Executive Committee: The executive  Committee shall consist of the Staff Council Officers and the Director of Staff Development.

V.         Terms of Office

Officers  and committee Chairs and Co-Chairs shall be elected  for a one-year  term.

VI.         Meetings

Staff Council  meetings  will be held quarterly  and as needed, and the Executive Committee is responsible for notifying  staff of meeting  dates, times and locations. The Executive Committee will approve an agenda  for each meeting.  A quorum  at any meeting  shall be the members  present.

VII.            Motions  and Resolutions

Motions  can be proposed  at anytime  and require a majority  vote by members present to pass.  Agenda  items and motions  must be presented  to the Executive Committee prior to general  Staff Council  meetings.

Resolutions must be presented  in writing for approval  by the Executive Committee prior to presentation to the Staff Council  and require a majority  vote of members  present to pass.

Revised  November 2006