About Us

Purpose of Sterilization Monitoring Service (SMS)
The purpose of the Sterilization Monitoring Service is to detect and correct sterilizer malfunction or human eror that can prevent sterilization and increase the chances for disease transmission. The main guarantee that a sterilizer is working and being used properly is to routinely show that it kills highly-resistant bacterial spores. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and the American Dental Association (ADA) state that dental office sterilizers should be sporetested weekly. 

The Sterilization Monitoring Services provides spore-testing service, which functions through the mail. After an SMS client pays in advance for our service, we mail them spore strips, report forms, and new order form and pre-paid mailers. 

The SMS Report Form 
After an SMS client test their sterilizer(s) according to the instructions on the back of the SMS Report form, they mail the strips and completed Report Forms back to our lab for testing. The purpose of the SMS Report Form is to enable our lab to enter their results into our database as a permanent record. 

Dental Aspepsis Review Newsletter 
This publication is written and mailed (complimentary) on a monthly basis to clients who test their sterilizers regularly. The newsletter is also available (as a one-year subscription) to paid subscribers who are not in our service. Back issues are available (dating back to the newsletter's inception in March, 1980) on a per-volume basis.

Types of businesses that are in the Sterilization Monitoring Service 
• Private and Public Dental Practices 
• Free Clinics 
• Other Teaching Institutions 
• Tattoo/Body Art 
• Correctional Facilities 
• Medical/Ambulatory Outpatient Services 
• Veterinarian Clinics