About Us

Customer Service Standards

  1. Greet and acknowledge all clients, including all faculty, staff, students and outside visitors, promptly and politely. Treat all clients with the highest level of respect and professional demeanor.
  2. Maintain an open, inviting, "user friendly" office by demonstrating respect and understanding for all those inquiring as to the services we provide or otherwise visiting the office for any reason whatsoever.
  3. Assume ownership for the user's technology problem: while we will encourage increased understanding and knowledge on the part of the user, the ultimate responsibility for addressing and correcting their technology concern will remain with us.
  4. Explain clearly and in a non-patronizing fashion all procedures, processes and policies regarding the actions we undertake to address a technology problem.
  5. Maintain all appointments, at the time they are scheduled, without exception.
  6. Follow-up on all work performed in addressing a technology problem or concern, to ensure the work we have performed meets with the user's complete satisfaction.
  7. Serve as a technical resource center by offering training, analysis and review of technology problems and their possible solutions. In addition, keep all faculty, staff and students abreast of important technology issues and concerns.
  8. Endeavor to view all requests for technology support as an opportunity to learn more, to be creative in our solutions of the issue at hand, and following all of the standards set forth above.
  9. Ensure user confidentiality at all times, and protect all user and system data to the highest degree possible.
  10. Remember that we are a service organization, with the primary function of assisting in the learning, teaching and research missions of the school. Any action undertaken by us that interferes with these primary functions must be immediately addressed and corrected, without question.