Ehrlich, Ygal, D.M.D.

Ehrlich, Ygal, D.M.D.
Ehrlich, Ygal, D.M.D.

Research Director - Endodontics
Clinical Assistant Professor - Endodontics

Contact Info

Phone  (317) 274-7280
Fax       (317) 274-5308

Office Address

Indiana Universtiy School of Dentistry
Endodontics - DS 302
1121 West Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN  46202


B.S.- Biology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
D.M.D. - Hebrew University - Hadassah School for Dental Medicine, Jerusalem, Israel
Certificate in Endodontics - Hebrew University - Hadassah School of Medicine, Jerusalem, Israel
Israel Board Certified


Research Interests

  • Regenerative Endodontics, natural scaffolds and dental pulp stem cell research
  • Methods of disinfection of the root canal system
  • Degradation of polyester based root canal fillings