Jeffrey A. Platt, DDS, MS

Jeffrey A. Platt, DDS, MS
Jeffrey A. Platt, DDS, MS

Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Biomedical and Applied Sciences
Ralph W. Phillips Scholar in Dental Materials

Contact Info

Phone  (317) 274-7229
Fax       (317) 278-7462

Office Address

Indiana University School of Dentistry
1121 West Michigan Street, Rm 118
Indianapolis, IN 46202


Yassen GH, Vail MM, Chu TM, Platt JA. The effect of medicaments used in endodontic regeneration on root fracture and microhardness of radicular dentin. International Endodontic Journal  In press.

Yassen GH, Chu TM, Platt JA. The effect of medicaments used in pulp regeneration technique on chemical structure of human immature radicular dentin: an in vitro study. Journal of Endodontics  In press. 

Yassen GH, Platt JA. The effect of non-setting calcium hydroxide on root fracture and mechanical properties of radicular dentine: A systematic review of literature. International Endodontic Journal Online: 2012 Aug 9.doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2591.2012.02121.x.[Epub ahead of print].

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Valentino T, Borges G, Borges L, Platt J, Correr-Sobrinho L. Influence of glazed zirconia on dual-cure luting agent bond strength. Operative Dentistry 2012;37(2):181-7; 2011 Dec 14.[Epub ahead of print]

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Tsuchiya H, Tsubota K, Iwasa M, Ando S, Miyazaki M, Platt JA. Influence of adhesive application time on enamel bond strength of single-step self-etch adhesive systems. Operative Dentistry 2010;35(1):77-83.

Research Interest
Primary interests are adhesive dentistry, development of polymer materials for the treatment of early caries lesions, and the biological impact of these materials.


BA, Indiana University - Bloomington; Doctor of Dental Surgery, Indiana University - IUPUI; MS in Dental Materials, Indiana University School of Dentistry; 4 years in the US Navy Dental Core and 12 years of Private Practice Experience