Giving and Alumni




Dear Alumni and Friends,

Wow!  It is hard to believe that in August of 2013, I started my 12th year as Director of Development at the Indiana University School of Dentistry! 

I cannot express to you enough how gratifying my time at IUSD has been both on a personal and professional level.  I have been fortunate to get to know so many of you as donors as well as on a personal basis.  Your passion and appreciation for IUSD through both your words and deeds continues to impress me.  Some amazing things have occurred at IUSD over the past decade thanks to your thoughtfulness and generosity. 

Shortly after my arrival at IUSD in August of 2002, in the spring edition of the Alumni Bulletin in 2003, I was extensively interviewed by Sue Crum as to my aspirations for creating and enhancing the role of private philanthropy at IUSD.  The article was very comprehensive, but a couple of themes stood out.

First of all, what were my intentions as to how long I would stay at the School of Dentistry?  Would I use my time at IUSD as a “stepping stone” to another position in development? I am confident that question has been answered.  Membership in the Dean’s Society (gifts of $1,000 or more during a fiscal year) has grown from 155 members in 2002-2003 to a record 514 members in 2013-2014!  In addition, thanks to your generosity, IUSD successfully completed capital campaigns of $10 million and $35 million and in both cases, exceeded these challenging goals.  IU School of Dentistry ranks second amongst all Indiana University schools across eight campuses in alumni giving participation rate to Indiana University.  I would be remiss in my duties if I did not suggest, through your financial involvement, what an awesome statement it would send about our school and the dental profession if IU School of Dentistry were number one amongst all IU schools and campuses!

I continue to enjoy the relationships I have built over 12 years and the many more to come as we pursue new challenges with building new facilities and work to reduce the cost of dental education by pursuing endowed scholarships to offset the rising cost of dental education.  As state funding continues to be reduced (now representing only 24% of a $50 million annual budget), now more than ever, the need for individual action through private philanthropy is welcomed and valued.

Secondly, what would be the key in developing a truly successful expectation of private philanthropy to IUSD amongst alumni and friends?  I can candidly and honestly say the key has been relationship building.  So many of you I not only consider wonderful donors, but just as importantly, true friends and partners in what Dean Goldblatt achieved and now what Dean John Williams is striving to accomplish to make IUSD “one of the best dental schools of the 21st century.”  As we move forward in our building project and scholarship efforts, I hope you will entertain the notion of giving your time, talent, and most importantly, your treasure to these worthwhile endeavors.  Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at my office (317) 274-5313 or on my cell phone at (317) 402-6759 should you desire to further explore how you can make a difference at IUSD.

 It truly is an honor to continue my service to the IU School of Dentistry. 


John Hoffman

Assistant Dean of Development

Indiana University School of Dentistry