Giving and Alumni



Dear Alumni and Friends,

I wanted to write to share some exciting news regarding what is happening at the Indiana University School of Dentistry.

Under the capable guidance and leadership of Dean John Williams, the school is moving ahead on plans to build a new clinical and research facility. It will be located on the east side of the current dental school campus.

Alumni and friends ask why a new clinical dental building is so important. One cannot lead from behind! If IUSD wants to continue to attract outstanding faculty and students, new clinical and research facilities are crucial to maintaining our culture and tradition of excellence in teaching and learning and to compete in today’s competitive market.

An entrepreneurial model has been designed to pay for the construction of the building. Ninety percent of the building will be paid for from revenues generated from clinical income and enrollment expansion. Ten percent of the funds needed for the building (3 million dollars) will be raised through the generosity of our alumni and friends. Needless to say, monies from the federal government and the State of Indiana are not an option! In fact, IUSD’s overall annual budget of $40 million is now only 20% supported by the funds provided by the State of Indiana, and funds for any capital improvement projects have been diminished for all state schools.

What a wonderful opportunity for our alumni and friends to show their allegiance and pride in the IU School of Dentistry! I hope you will take the time to review the Case Statement document for the new building project. Just as you have in the past, I know your support for this important endeavor for the future of our school and the profession will be heartfelt and resounding.

Please feel free to contact me at (317) 274-5313 if you have questions about how you can be an important part of the next great generation in teaching and learning at Indiana University School of Dentistry.


John Hoffman
Director of Development
Indiana University School of Dentistry