General Funds

ASMA Student Affairs 38D008348 Supports undergrad dental student activities (i.e. student recruitment, travel to dental meetings, student leadership
Clinical Affairs Priority 32D008176 Supports clinical operations
Community Dentistry Priority Fund 32D008168 Supports undergrad student community dentistry activities
Dental Assisting Priority 32D008192 Supports the dental assisting program
Dental Diagnositic Sciences 38D008116 Supports the dental diagnostic/medicine program
Dental Illustrations Priority 32D008150 Supports dental illustrations
Dental Materials 38D008058 Supports the division of dental materials
Dental School Priority 32D008010 Dean's discreationary fund to cover expenses not covered in the budget
Dental Services for Children 32D008119 Assists working poor families with dental care for their children
Dentistry Library 32D008127 Supports the dental library
Dept of Preventive and Community Dentistry 38D008629 Supports education programs at the Oral Health Research Institute
General Practice Residency 32D008200 Supports the general practice residency program
Graduate Endodontic Support 38D008124 Supports the graduate endodontic program
Indiana Dental Association Pursuit of Excellence Fund 38D008181 Supports faculty awards and special projects supported by the IDA
Indiana Orthodontic Alumni Association 38D008330 Supports the graduate orthodontic program buy needed equipment and assists with ABO exam fees
J&L Jarabak Orthodontic Fund 37D008118 Supports the graduate orthodontic program
McDonald Pediatric Dentistry 38D008074 Supports the graduate pediatric dentistry program
Operative Dentistry 38D008199 Supports the graduate operative dentistry program
Oral Biology Priorities 32D008069 Supports the oral biology department
Oral Pathology 32D008028 Supports the oral pathology program
Oral Surgery 38D008108 Supports the oral surgery program
Orthodontics 38D008033 Supports the graduate orthodontics program
Partial Prosthodontics 38D008157 Supports the graduate partial prosthodontics program
Pediatric Dentsitry 32D008036 Supports the undergrad pediatric dentistry program
Periodontics 38D008132 Supports the periodontics program
Preventive Dentistry General 32D008077 Supports the preventive dentistry program
Restorative Dentistry Priorities 32D008085 Supports the departament of restorative Dentistry
Service Learning 38D008546 Supports students and faculty in international dentistry programs
Carla Totten Dental Hygiene 32D008101 Supports the dental hygiene program
Wishard Hopital Dental Clinics 32D008218 Supports the dental outreach clinics around Indianapolis