Gifts of Cash

Making a gift of cash to IUSD is one of the most common and quickest ways to show your support.

  • check
  • money order
  • automatic bank account deduction
  • credit card

Please contact Pamela Lovejoy at (317) 274-5397 if you have further questions about your gift to IUSD.

Because most charitable gifts qualify for federal tax deductions, the real out-of-pocket costs of cash donations is usually much less than its face value.  In addition, some state tax laws offer additional deductions or credits for gifts to higher education.

For record purposes, a gift of cash is considered made on the date it is mailed or hand delivered.  Please make checks payable to Indiana University Foundation.


  • Charitable income tax deduction

  • IUSD can make immediate use of your gift

  • Estate tax and probate savings