Charitable Gift Annuity or Deferred

One of the most common and popular ways to make a planned gift is with a charitable gift annuity.  It is a simple contract between you and the IU Foundation.  In exchange an irrevocable gift, the Foundation agrees to pay one or two annuitants a fixed dollar amount each year for life.  The amount is base on life expectancy: the older you are at the time of the gift, the greater the amount can be.  The general resources of the Foundation guarantee the payments. 

A similar type of annuity is the deferred charitable gift annuity.  The arrangement is essentially the same; the difference is that the IU Foundation waits to begin your payout until some specified point in the future (at least one year).  In either case at your death the proceeds of the gift annuity become available for Indiana University School of Dentistry in whatever way you wish.

Please contact John Hoffman at 317- 274-5313 or if you have further questions about setting up a charitable gift annuity or deferred charitable gift annuity with Indiana University School of Dentistry.