IUSD Faculty and Graduate Student Bibliography

The following IUSD faculty/graduate student bibliography contains citations to the journal literature authored by faculty and graduate students at the Indiana University School of Dentistry from 1997-present. The bibliography was compiled by searching the "affiliation field" in PubMed, which lists the institution of the primary author only. If an IUSD faculty member was not the primary author of the article, those papers may not have been retrieved in the search. Faculty members who had articles published which are not included in this list are asked to notify the library so your citations can be added to the bibliography.

2013 Journal Articles

Lippert F, Butler A, Lynch RJ. Characteristics of methylcellulose Acid gel lesions created in human and bovine enamel. Caries Res. 2013;47(1):50-5.

Yassen GH, Chu TM, Eckert G, Platt JA. Effect of medicaments used in endodontic regeneration technique on the chemical structure of human immature radicular dentin: an in vitro study. J Endod. 2013 Feb;39(2):269-73

2012 Journal Articles

Allam E, Delacruz K, Ghoneima A, Sun J, Windsor L. Effects of tobacco on cytokine expression from human endothelial cells. Oral Dis. 2012 Dec 1.

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Christen AG, Christen JA. Dental postcards: 50th edition. "A swell time". J Hist Dent. 2012 Summer-Fall;60(2):110. Christen AG, Christen JA. The 1790 desecration of John Milton's bones, hair and teeth in a London church. J Hist Dent. 2012 Spring;60(1):33-6.

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