Fees / Insurance / Medicaid

Dental Service Payment Requirements

Patients are expected to pay (cash, check, Mastercard, Visa or Discover) for all dental services on the day those services are initiated.

If the patient has dental insurance the school may accept assignment or complete forms for the patient. If we accept assignment, a pretreatment estimate must be obtained from the carrier before treatment is initiated, and the patient will be required to pay their full portion (actual or estimated) up-front.

Patients with Medicaid must show their Medicaid card at each visit. If services are planned that require prior authorization the request must be sent by the clerk, and approval obtained before the initiation of such treatment(s). If services are not covered or the patient is found to be ineligible for Medicaid or has not met any spend down requirements, the patient will be required to pay for such services on the day it is provided.

Some patients may have another party who will pay for their dental care. We require written authorization from this other third party for each procedure.

Patients requiring extensive care in excess of $1000 will be given an opportunity to meet with a financial consultant to discuss payment options.  No services will be started until the contract has been signed and a down payment made.