Associate of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene Admissions Criteria
Application deadline was February 1, 2013

The dental hygienist is a member of the dental health team who provides educational, preventive and therapeutic oral health services.  Employment opportunities may be available in private dental practice, hospitals, public health agencies, educational institutions, and research.

Bachelor of Science degree in public health dental hygiene is offered for dental hygienists who desire career options such as: public health, teaching, research, business and marketing.  This degree is awarded upon completion of an additional 32 credit hours beyond the Associate of Science degree.

Average Salary for a Dental Hygienist

Salaries for dental hygienists vary depending on location and type of practice.  The last reported survey from the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics dated 2006 and published in 2008. The median yearly salary for dental hygienists in Indiana was $62,090 and the median hourly salary was $30.00.  According to America's Career InfoNet, annual salaries ranged from $62,100 to $77,000.

Pre-Dental Hygiene Curriculum

High School Course Recommendations

IUPUI supports the State of Indiana's Core 40 curriculum.  Therefore, students should complete Core 40 to be sure they satisfy the course requirements for regular admission to most programs.  Academic preparation should include graduation from an accredited high school with four units of English and a combined total of at least nine units from the following three areas with representation in each: mathematics, science (biology and chemistry), and social studies or foreign languages.

Computer Literacy

Faculty members of Indiana University School of Dentistry Dental Hygiene Program expect dental hygiene students to use computers well enough to log on the Internet to access information (including some course content).

Expectations include being the ability to search for dentistry related materials and to return to an interesting site by using bookmarks.  Students must have basic word processing skills and to be able to use word processing programs.  Students will also be expected to log on to an e-mail account to communicate with other students and faculty.  The program provides remediation in basic online research strategies.  On-site word processors are available at IUSD and the IUPUI libraries.

Required College Courses:  One semester of each of the following:

-   English Compostion
-    Elementary Chemistry with Laboratory (a minimum of four (4) semester hours)
-    Human Anatomy (a minimum of three (3) semester hours)
-   Human Physiology (a minimum of three (3) semester hours)
-    Microbiology with laboratory (a minimum of four (4) semester hours – the microbiology course must include immunology)
    Introductory Psychology
-    Introductory Sociology
-    Public Speaking
-    Two  Arts and Humanites Courses (Examples: literature, foreign language, history, philosophy.)

Computer science, nutrition and anthropology do not meet the Arts and Humanities requirement.

Beginning with the 2013 application process Advanced Placement courses will be accepted as meeting prerequisite requirements.

If you have any questions regarding acceptable courses, please  contact IUSD Student Affairs

Eligibility Requirements:

  • A minimum college cumulative GPA of 2.50
  • A minimum science (elementary chemistry lecture and lab, microbiology lecture and lab, human anatomy and physiology) prerequisite GPA of 2.70.
  • All required science courses must have been completed within the past (7) seven years
  • All prerequisite courses listed above must be complete by the end of the spring semester of the year in which students wish to enter the program. 
  • Personal Statement
  • Observation of Dental Hygienist at two (2) separate Dental Offices for a minimum of 8 hours total
  • Completion of Dental Hygiene Applicant Orientation


Application Procedures:

  1. IUPUI Transfer Application Form - Applicants currently attending another college or university (this does not include applicants attending an IU campus) must submit an IUPUI transfer application.  The online IUPUI transfer application requires payment of a $55.00 application fee using a credit card at the time of submission.  You must send official college transcripts directly to the IUPUI Admissions Office.  Updated official transcripts must be sent to the IUPUI Admissions Office at the end of each semester/quarter of coursework.
  2. 2013 DH ON-LINE Application is no longer available.  2014 application will be available late July 2013.  DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 1, . Note when applying online you will need to have your college transcript(s) available to enter all college course work you have completed and plan to complete.  If college courses are not entered your application will not be considered. *The Student Records and Admissions Office will notify applicants by email as to the status of their application and additional information that may be required.
  3. Official College Transcripts  All applicants must send one official college transcript from every college/university attended  to the IUSD Student Records and Admissions Office.  Updated official transcripts must be sent at the end of each semester/quarter of coursework.
  4. Dental Assisting Transcript  Applicants who have or are attending a Dental Assisting program must send one official transcript from the program  (if the dental assisting grades are not included on college transcript).
  5. Dental Hygiene Personal Statement  The personal statement is included as part of the online application and is required upon submitting the application.   Please explain why you chose to pursue a career in dental hygiene and how you have prepared for this field.  Describe any accomplishments you achieved, obstacles you cleared, or challenges you overcame that impacted your preparation for the dental hygiene program.  Please limit your statement to 500 words.
  6. Dental Hygiene Practice Observation Documentation   All applicants are required to observe practicing dental hygienists a minimum of 8 hours in two different private  practice settings.  Each dental hygienist must document your observation by providing the following information on their office letterhead:  your name, date and time of observation and the hygienist's signature.  The IUSD Student Records and Admissions Office must receive this documentation by the 1st of April.
  7. Completion of the Required Dental Hygiene Applicant Orientation  Applicants to the program must either attend the In-house orientation or complete the online orientation. Registration forms will be emailed to you after your application has been reviewed.  Return the completed form indicating your orientation preference to the Student Records and Admissions Office.Spring grades must arrive in the IUSD Student Record and Admissions Office (DS 105) no later than the 20th of May.     The IUSD Student Records and Admissions Office will accept unofficial grade reports, faxes and/or email from your instructors indicating the grade in the required courses, followed by official transcripts.   Applicants attending a non IU Campus must also send an official spring transcript to the IUPUI Admissions Office.

IUSD requires Criminal Background Checks from all applicants who receive offers of admissions.  This policy goes into effect with the 2013 entering class.

All questions concerning course prerequisites taken at various colleges and universities, credit transfer and admissions requirements should be directed to:  

Indiana University School of Dentistry 
Student Records and Admissions Office 
1121 W. Michigan Street, Room 105 
Indianapolis, IN 46202  
Telephone: (317) 274-8173    
Fax: (317) 278-9066


Applicants are encouraged to also apply to the other dental hygiene programs in the state in order to enhance their chances of being accepted.  Other programs are located on the campuses of IU-Northwest (219) 980-6770, IU-South Bend (575) 520-4158, IUPU-Fort Wayne (260) 481-6837, and University of Southern Indiana (812) 464-1702.  Contact each individual program for admission requirements and applicant procedures.