Office of Research

Dr. Masatoshi Ando

Indiana University School of Dentistry (IUSD) is keenly aware of the critical window of opportunity for effective transfer of research and technology to the public domain. This site is an example of our commitment to provide research collaborators with efficient and effective initiation of IUSD research, development and testing collaborations and provide to links to specialized research programs.

The Oral Health Research Institute (OHRI) is a pivotal component of IUSD's research expertise and capabilities. For over four decades, this leading center for preventive dentistry research has supported a wide range of studies including anti-plaque and anti-gingivitis agents, anti-calculus agents, stains prevention and removal agents, and whitening/bleaching agents. This self supporting institute was created without government funding and has a distinguished reputation for its top-notch performance as a testing center for a wide variety of dental products.

Indiana University School of Dentistry's research capabilities are supported by highly qualified research faculty and state of the art research programs and facilities and can meet investigator's oral health research and testing challenges by utilizing specialized research facilities. Detailed descriptions and contact information for these specialized facilities are provided in the listed side-link.

For specific questions of the OHRI or any of the specialized research facilities, please contact the director of the facility. For general dental research questions, please contact Dr. Chu.


Research Volunteers Needed:


The School of Dentistry's Oral Health Research Institute is always looking for compensated volunteers to participate in research studies.  Check out the list of currently active studies to learn more.