Cariology, Operative Dentistry and Dental Public Health

Our goal as a department at Indiana University School of Dentistry is to build off of Indiana's longstanding history of leadership in the areas of cariology, preventive, operative and community dentistry. Our department brings together those responsible for the diagnosis, risk assessment, and both surgical and non-surgical management of dental hard tissue diseases and conditions, both at the patient and population level, creating the environment to vertically and horizontally integrate our teaching as well as our research and service efforts.

Vision Statement

To improve the oral health of Indiana's citizens as well as the broader national and world community by educating dental professionals who rely on critical thinking, scientific evidence, and clinical expertise and have the ability to integrate multi-disciplinary care, as well as by advancing knowledge through research to improve the prevention and management of dental hard tissue diseases and conditions and the maintenance of health.


  • To provide an evidence-based learning environment that enables dental students to increase the depth and breadth of their cariology and public health knowledge.
  • To inspire students to continue the pursuit of dental knowledge.
  • To provide clinical experiences that develop skills and judgment.
  • To promote the integration of caries risk assessment, non-surgical management, and minimally invasive concepts that are based on the latest scientific evidence.
  • To provide an environment that is highly supportive of the training and mentoring of dental scientists.
  • To be recognized by the community as essential for the improvement and maintenance of the community's oral health.