Welcome to Technology Services

The School of Dentistry Technology Services Department has as its primary mission the support of all technology-related needs for students, faculty and staff. Services provided by the department, to the School and all its outlying clinics include:

  • Desktop support for multi-platform machines
  • Network administration
  • Application development, including Web-based, hand-held and stand-alone systems that support both research and teaching initiatives/programs
  • Support of all audio-visual requirements for lectures and special presentations
  • Information technology implementation planning and budgeting
  • Development and support of computer training

The IUSD wireless network is accomplished through the strategic placement of wireless hubs, which allow student laptops - configured with wireless network cards - to access the IUSD network and related systems, regardless of their physical location. The laptops are configured for DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol): an IP (internet protocol) is assigned each time the students log-in to the network (thus removing the barrier of having to track static IP numbers). Moreover, the hubs have been placed on the same subnet allowing students to "roam" the building (within the designated range of the hubs) thus granting a far greater amount of freedom in the use of the laptops, especially in the clinic environment.

The IUSD wireless network provides several benefits to both the education of students as well as the level of care received by patients. By utilizing this system, students can have chair-side access to our clinical system. Instructors can enter grade information on a procedure as it is performed thus increasing timeliness and accuracy of student assessment.