Letter of Understanding

Indiana University School of Dentistry Visiting Student Policy


Student Name _____________________________________________________________


Current School or University __________________________________________________   


Sponsoring IUSD Faculty Member ______________________________________________


Goals/Purpose of Visit _______________________________________________________



The student agrees to follow all institutional guidelines, regulations, policies and safety/security procedures as if he/she were an enrolled student or paid employee of Indiana University School of Dentistry, including obtaining appropriate immunizations and infection control instruction. Documentation of health insurance is also required. 


The student acknowledges that all goals and objectives of his/her visit will be met without cost to or payment by Indiana University School of Dentistry and that all expenses related to the visit, including transportation, housing, meals, and insurance, are the responsibility of the student.


The student acknowledges that he/she will always be directly supervised by the sponsoring faculty member or his/her designee in all activities and experiences associated with his/her visit.  If the student will be treating patients, documentation of professional liability coverage provided by the student's home institution must be submitted to Indiana University School of Dentistry.   If professional liability insurance is not provided by the student's home institution, the student agrees to obtain such insurance from an appropriate insurance agency.   


The visiting student is not allowed to drive his/her personal vehicle to any site off campus in the course of his/her activities related to the goals of the student's visit.  If travel is involved, the student will accompany the sponsoring faculty member in a university-owned vehicle or the sponsoring faculty member's personal vehicle. 


The student acknowledges that he/she is at IUSD to gain professional knowledge and experience related to educational pursuits.  He/she is not to be assigned daily work that would otherwise be performed by an employee.



Signature of Visiting Student  _____________________________________________________



Signature of Sponsoring Faculty Member ____________________________________________



Date ______________________________