Microhardness Analysis


Equipment: Microhardness Tester (3 units) 

Model: Tukon 2100B, Wilson Instruments 

Capabilities: Measurement of surface hardness of flattened and polished dental substrates or composite materials. Systems are equipped with Knoop and Vickers diamonds and connected to a Clemex CMT HD computer image analysis system (ASTM E 384 and DIN/ISO 6507 compliant) for measurement of indents. A Märzhäuser automated stage is utilized for indent placement, with 2 stage micro-stepper motors accurate to <1 µm movements. Microhardness tester load cells are capable to delivering test loads from 5 grams to 1Kg.

Tooth Processing


Equipment: Grinding and Polishing Machines (2 units) 

Model: Struers RotoPol-31 / RotoForce-4, Grinding / Polishing Station with Magnetic Disc system.

Capabilities: Used for grinding and polishing bovine and human enamel and root dentin, or dental composites and ceramics for studies of caries, erosion and abrasion, and surface microhardness testing.