About Us

Steering Committee

Dr. Kellie Schaub Dr. Jeffrey A. Dean
Dr. Jeffrey Bennett Dr. Vanchit John
Dr. David Brown Dr. George Willis

Supporting Faculty:          

The supporting faculty for the center is a very highly trained, experienced and extremely capable group in the area of dental implants. The group shares  extensive clinical experience as well as dental education experience. The combination of these faculty members and the resources available within the Dental School makes the Indiana University School of Dentistry Implant Center an outstanding resource for patients, dental practitioners as well as the dental implant industry.

Jeff Bennett (Oral Surgery) Michael Gossweiler (Periodontics) Greg Phillips (Periodontics)
Steve Blanchard (Periodontics) Brady Hancock (Periodontics) Jeffrey Platt (Bio-Materials)
Marco Bottino (Bio-Materials) Joe Heidelman (Oral Surgery) Sivaraman Prakasam (Periodontics)
David Brown (Prosthodontics) Vanchit John (Periodontics) Phil Rake (Prosthodontics)
Orlando Cayetano (Prosthodontics) Carrie Klene (Oral Surgery) Elizabeth Ramos (Periodontics)
Tein-Min Chu (Bio-Materials) John Levon (Prosthodontics) Stephen Towns (Periodontics)
Julie Combs (Periodontics) Eugene Margiotti (Prosthodontics) Jeannie Vickery (Prosthodontics)
    James Wolfe (Periodontics)