Library Computers/Technology

The library has eight internet access computer workstations that are located in the library's main reading room and basement level. These computers are available for anyone to use. Individuals who do not have a network username and password are issued a temporary username and password at the library's Circulation desk. The library's main reading room and Quiet Room have connections for laptop use. The computer lab inside the library has computer workstations equipped for word processing, email correspondence, and Internet access. A network ID and password are required to use computer workstations in the computer lab.

Wireless Access
Members of the IU community should use the IU Secure wireless service. The AT&T wireless service is intended only for visitors to IUPUI campus.

All of the library's computer workstations are connected to the printers located in the main reading room and the computer lab. Print jobs must be paid for using a IUPUI JagTag. The cost to print is $.04 per page. Individuals using the public access computer workstations with a temporary username and password are not able to send documents to the library printers.

Two copiers are located in the school's Computer Lab inside the library. One of the photocopiers accepts cash and the other accepts IUPUI JagTag or department copy cards. Copies are $.10 per page when cash is used and $.07 per page when a copy card or IUPUI JagTag is used for payment. A JagTag machine is available to add money to JagTags and is located in the dental school hallway near room DS B-22.

Videocassette and DVD players, microfilm and microfiche readers and a caramate slide viewer may be used in the library. Light boxes for viewing slides and radiographs are part of the Reserve collection. Please inquire at the Circulation Desk.