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Developmental biology 6th edition, 2000. Gilbert, Scott F.

Genes and disease

Genetic landscape of diabetes, 2004. Dean, Laura 

Genomes 2nd edition, 2002. Brown, Terence A.

Human molecular genetics 2 2nd edition, 1999. Strachan, Tom. 

Molecular biology of the cell 4th edition, 2002. Alberts, Bruce

Molecular cell biology 4th edition, 2000. Lodish, Harvey

Online Metabolic and Molecular Bases of Inherited Diseases

Ruth Lilly Medical Library Electronic Books, A to Z list of electronic books

Reserve Books

Human embryology and developmental biology, 4th edition, 2009. Carlson      QS 604 C284h

Molecular biology of the cell, 5th edition, 2008. Alberts      QH 581.2 M718

Molecular cell biology, 6th edition, 2008. Lodish     QH 581.2 M7182

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