Indiana Dental College (IDC) Timeline *

1858 - 1889



Indiana State Dental Association formed by Drs. P.G.C. Hunt, John F. Johnston and others.

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Under the instructions of Dr. William L. Heiskell, president of Indiana State Dental Association, Dr. Hunt and Dr. Cravens call all dentists in the state to a meeting for the purpose of establishing a dental school in Indiana.

The Dental College Association is incorporated on July 11.

A two-year lease is signed for rooms in which to operate the school at Thorpe Block, 147 E. Market St. Indianapolis, IN.

Classes commenced on October 1st  with six students enrolled.


College emphasizes that it is not a part of the Medical School, but is a stock company owned by dentists.

Bulletins for the School do not formally name anyone as Dean, but Dr. William L. Heiskell, president of the Board of Trustees, serves in that capacity.



The School leases additional space - on the Aetna Block at 23-25 N. Pennsylvania St. Indianapolis, IN.


Dr. P.G.C. Hunt is appointed Dean for one year.



Indiana State Board of Examiners joins five other state boards.

The National Association of Dental Examiners is established.


National Association of Dental Faculties forms. The Indiana Dental College is not immediately qualified to join until two full terms are in attendance.


Indiana Legislature enacts a law requiring all dentists to register with the State Board of Dental Examiners.

IDC curriculum changes to meet requirements of the National Association of Dental Faculties.

National Association of Dental Faculties suggests three-year curriculum. Even though the plan is rejected until 1899, the curriculum serves as a guide for dental schools.


Board of Trustees adopts a three-term rule to be enacted after March.

The Board regulates class standings into primary, intermediate and senior grades.

Annual school term is lengthened to six months.


          Source: Indiana University School of Dentistry Alumni Bulletin, v. 10 no. 4, Spring 1996

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