Indiana Dental College (IDC) Timeline *

1890 - 1899



Members of the graduating class and resident graduates form the Indiana Dental College Alumni Association.  


Board of Trustees is authorized to appoint faculty or delegate authority to Executive Council.

Members of the IDC Board of Trustees will now be elected -  instead of being composed of officers of the board


Applicants to the school who do not possess a high school diploma must pass an entrance examination.

In order to graduate, students must have attended three full winter courses of lectures and must have prepared a specimen case.


Only three people graduate due to the change to a three-year course

Dr. Harry Corken is the school's first post-graduate student.


Board of Trustees buys property from Dr. Henry Jameson at the southwest corner of Delaware and Ohio streets  and enters into a contract for construction of a building at that location.


Dr. P.G.C. Hunt resigns as president of State Board of Dental Examiners due to ruling by the National Association of Dental Examiners that a member of the state board should not be a faculty member. He was elected president of the Board of Trustees of the IDC


Roster of Xi Psi Phi Fraternity members appears in Bulletin

A federation of four different institutions establishes the University of Indianapolis. Members include Butler College, Indiana Medical College, Indiana Dental College and Indiana Law School. The last mention of its existence appeared in the 1935-36 Indiana Law School Bulletin.

Dr. P.G.C. Hunt dies.




Dr. John Hurty begins promoting a dental health program for children.


The Central College of Dentistry is established through efforts of Drs. Cravens, Ault, Hamilton and a few physicians from the Central College of Physicians and Surgeons (Not affiliated with the Indiana Dental College).



Dr. George E. Hunt establishes Indiana Dental Journal, Nov. 1898, Vol. 1 which ceases publication after Vol. 3



Board of Trustees vote that same person should hold positions of Board Secretary and Dean of the Faculty

Dr. G. E. Hunt is made Dean of the Indiana Dental College.


A new Indiana law requires all applicants for dental licensing to pass an examination.

            *Source: IndianaUniversity School of Dentistry Alumni Bulletin, v. 10 no. 4, Spring 1996

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