Indiana University School of Dentistry (IUSD) Timeline *

1960 - 1969

Year Events

First addition of building is dedicated

First B.S. degree in Public Health Dental Hygiene is awarded


Radiology Department receives new panoramic x-ray unit (AXRM "Panorex")

5 Dental hygienists receive I.U.'s new Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health Dental Hygiene


First Dental Hygiene class at I.U.-Fort Wayne is enrolled


First Teaching Conference at Spring Mill State Park

First Dental Assisting Program opens at I.U.-Fort Wayne

Dean Hine serves as president of the American Dental Association


Three years of pre-dental education required for admittance


Preventive Dentistry Research Institute building dedicated (now known as the Oral Health Research Institute)**

Dr. Hine, Dean since 1945, accepts new post as Chancellor of Indiana University at Indianapolis (now known as IUPUI)

Certificate in Dental Hygiene is changed to Associate in Dental Hygiene degree

Dr. Ralph McDonald is appointed Acting Dean



Trustees of Indiana University and Purdue University agree to merge their facilities in Indianapolis in a joint operation to be known as Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) with Dr. Hine as its first chancellor

First Dental Hygiene and Assisting Programs begin at I.U.-South Bend

Dr. Ralph McDonald is appointed Dean


            *Source: Indiana University School of Dentistry Alumni Bulletin, v. 10 no. 4, Spring 1996

         ** Source: The History of the Oral Health Research Institute,Kay Rossok, LDH © 2000

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