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Oral Health Care for Cancer Patients
Indiana University School of Dentistry
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Stuart M. Schrader, PhD
Executive Director, OHCCP

Stuart M. Schrader is a Clinical Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences at the Indiana University School of Dentistry in Indianapolis. He is also an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at the Indiana University School of Social Work and a past Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and a Bowen Researcher at the Indiana University Medical School and a past Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor in Communication Studies at Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis.

In addition to currently teaching at Indiana University, he has also taught at Ithaca College, Bloomsburg University and DePauw College. Since completing his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Humboldt State University, a Master of Arts in Organizational Communication from Western Kentucky University, a Masters in Social Work specializing in Oncology Social Work from Indiana University and a PhD in Health Care Communication from the State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo, he has conducted research and presented extensively about issues pertaining to health care, dental and medical education and interpersonal communication issues. His current research interests include: Dental/medical education and OSCEs, relationship centered dental/medical health care and clinician-patient communication and access to oral health care for people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer patients and people with special needs.

Dr. Schrader has presented at over 70 national and/or international scholarly healthcare, communication, education, and multidisciplinary conferences, reviewed for various texts and journals, published in national and international journals and co-authored an edited book with Drs. Kenneth and Mary Gergen, titled, “Constructing Worlds Together: Interpersonal Communication as Relational Process.” In relationship to his role as Executive Director of OHCCP, he was the recipient of a Master's Level Training Grant for Clinical Oncology Social Work from the American Cancer Society to work with medical social workers as part of a multi-disciplinary psychosocial team at a large, urban NCI (National Cancer Institute) designated, adult out-patient cancer center. In part his responsibilities included developing organizational partnerships between the academic dental and cancer communities so as to more effectively meet cancer patient’s oral health care needs. He has also received several teaching awards, a national mentorship award and is the recipient on behalf of the IU School of Dentistry of the American Dental Education Association/International Federation of Dental Educators and Associations Orna Shanley Prize for demonstrating an innovative solution in addressing local access to care issues for a culturally and socially diverse underserved patient population.

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