Oral Health Fact Sheets for Cancer Patients
Oral Health Care for Cancer Patients Head and Neck Cancer and Oral Health Oral Cancer and Oral Health
Oral Health Care for Cancer Patients
Products to Relieve Symptoms of Dry Mouth
Indiana University School of Dentistry provides a comprehensive list of over the counter products to relieve some of the symptoms of dry mouth.

Chemotherapy and Your Mouth
The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research discuss the ways that chemotherapy affects the mouth, problems caused by treatment, reasons to see a dentist, what a dentist might do, and ways to keep your mouth healthy.
Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects: Mouth and Throat Changes
The National Cancer Institute provides common changes that occur in the mouth after chemotherapy. This fact sheet also provides tips to address these problems and when it might be necessary to contact a health professional.
Three Good Reasons To See Your Dentist Before Cancer Treatment
The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research provides reasons for visiting the dentist, how to protect your mouth, and tips to treat mouth problems associated with cancer treatment.
Oral Care for Cancer Patients
An article from the Journal of the American Dental Association outlining common complications associated with cancer treatment and advice for cancer patients to maintain a healthy mouth before and after treatment.
Oral Complications of Chemotherapy and Head/Neck Radiation (PDQ) - Patient Version
This patient summary on oral complications of cancer and cancer therapy is adapted from the summary written for health professionals by cancer experts. This and other accurate, credible information about cancer treatment, screening, prevention, supportive care, and ongoing clinical trials is available from the National Cancer Institute. Oral complications are common in cancer patients, especially those with head and neck cancer. This summary describes oral complications caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy and various methods of prevention and treatment.
Head and Neck Cancer and Oral Health
Head and Neck Radiation Treatment and your Mouth
Booklet distributed by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research that gives patients that provides information on reasons to see a dentist before treatment, common side effects of treatment relating to the mouth, tips and suggestions to treat and prevent side effects.
A Team Approach to Treating Head and Neck Cancer
A booklet provided by CancerCare that provides information on treatment, frequently asked questions, and discusses the team of health care professionals that treat patients with head and neck cancer, including: dentists, social workers, and dieticians.
Integrative Medicine: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Oral and Head and Neck Cancer
This sheet identifies the specialists involved in a multi-disciplinary oral and head and neck cancer treatment team and explains their roles in a cancer patient's treatment and recovery.
Oral Cancer and Oral Health
Ask your Dental Hygienist about Oral Cancer
The Association of Dental Hygienists provides statistics relating to oral cancer, the importance of early detection, risk-factors, and guide to self-examination.
What You Need To Know About Oral Cancer
Booklet distributed by the National Cancer Institute that discusses possible causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, emotional issues, and questions to ask the doctor about oral cancer. Includes glossary of terms and other resources.