Sponsorship Information
Why partner with Oral Health Care for Cancer Patients (OHCCP)?

  1. OHCCP to the best of knowledge is currently the only non-for-profit website and foundation project devoted specifically to the promotion, education and advocacy of oral health care for all cancer patients. Your sponsorship will directly assist OHCCP’s mission “to improve the quality of oral health care for underserved cancer patients” by helping us achieve our organizational objectives:

  1. To present a user friendly interactive web-based educational and service resource site for cancer patients, dentists, and medical, nursing, psychosocial and allied health oncology related professionals.

  2. To empower cancer patients suffering from oral health care issues, complications or disorders due to diverse cancer therapies to seek oral health care pre, during and post cancer therapies so as to improve oral complications and quality of life.

  3. To assist cancer patients and related health care providers in more effectively managing the oral health care of cancer patients by using evidence-based oral health care information

  4. To increase access to oral health care for underserved cancer patients by soliciting funds to support essential unpaid dental costs for cancer patients with no insurance and no means for financial reimbursement.

  1. Your support will help OHCCP to build partnerships with corporations and agencies interested in assisting cancer patients and their health providers in better diagnosing and treating the interconnections between oral and general health.

  1. Your support will help OHCCP to connect high quality services and products to cancer patients and their related healthcare providers.

  1. Your support will help OHCCP to increase dental oncology related organizations and agencies with our stakeholders who include: cancer patients, health care providers in the dental and oncology fields, and caregivers of cancer patients.

  1. Your support will help OHCCP to collaborate with organizations regarding oral health education and advocacy for increasing access to oral health care for cancer patients.

OHCCP, a non-for-profit program of Indiana University School of Dentistry, is pleased to recognize all sponsors and/or corporate partners for their generous support. OHCCP, a program of Indiana University School of Dentistry, however, does not promote or support any organization or agency and/or any of the products or servicess that it may produce. A portion of any donations may be tax deductible under Section 501 (c) (3) as a charitable donation to the OHCCP Foundation .