DDS Prerequisites


The following pre-dental courses are mandatory. There are no substitutes for these prerequisites; they can not be waived.

A minimum of eight (8) semester hours or twelve (12) quarter hours of each of the following:

  • Biology or Zoology (lecture and lab)
  • General Chemistry or Inorganic Chemistry (lecture and lab)
  • General Physics (lecture and lab)

A minimum of four (4) semester hours or six (6) quarter hours of each of the following:

  • Organic Chemistry (lecture and lab)
  • Human (or Mammalian or Comparative) Anatomy (lecture and lab)*

A minimum of three (3) semester hours or four and one-half (4.5) quarter hours of each of the following:

  • Biochemistry Lecture
  • Human (or Mammalian or Cell) Physiology Lecture*

*Note: If completing Anatomy and Physiology I and II  (A&P) combined, must complete 8.0 hours with lab.

 A minimum of two (2) semester hours or three (3) quarter hours of each of the following:

  • Introductory Psychology
  • English Composition

Most of these prerequisites should be completed prior to submission of the AADSAS application, and all must be completed prior to matriculation.

A minimum of ninety (90) semester hours or one hundred thirty five (135) be quarter hours of coursework must be completed by the time of matriculation (June 30).   At least thirty (30) semester hours must be completed at a four-year college. Applicants are encouraged to complete upper-level science courses at 4-year institutions (i.e. colleges or universities that grant bachelors degrees).

  • All prerequisites must have letter grades; no PASS/FAIL options are accepted.
  • All science courses (except biochemistry and physiology) must include laboratories.

In order for your application to be sent to IUSD by AADSAS, you must submit your appliction to AADSAS no later than November 1, 2013.

The Admissions Committee expects applicants to have completed a minimum of 40 hours of exposure to general practice dentistry in a private practice setting and significant and meaningful volunteerism, service and/or involvement in their communities or on their campuses.

AADSAS verifies all transcripts; therefore, you must send official transcripts from each college you attended directly to AADSAS.  AADSAS will not forward your application until all your transcripts are received and verified.

The following supplementary material is required:

  • A nonrefundable application fee of $60 is required in order for your application to be complete.  The fee and your application should be submitted online at   (Under Graduate Programs choose “Online Application”, create a guest account, then select “Dental Professional”, select “Summer 2014” term, only answer the questions with an asterisk (*)).  DO NOT SELECT “IU PAYPLUS”.
  • Official Dental Admission Test (DAT) scores.

All letters of evaluation must be sent directly to AADSAS.  AADSAS will only process four letters of evaluation, therefore, IUSD will only accept three required academic letters of evaluation and one optional personal letter of evaluation submitted through AADSAS.  Interviews will be granted to selected applicants only after the three (3) letters of evaluation, application fee, and DAT scores have been received by IUSD.

The Admissions Committee has specified nonacademic criteria ("Minimum Skill Standards for Admission and Retention"), which all applicants are expected to meet in order to participate in the D.D.S. Program and the study of Dentistry.

IUSD requires Criminal Background Checks from all applicants who receive offers of admissions.

Indiana University School of Dentistry does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

While every effort is made to provide accurate and current information, Indiana University reserves the right to change without notice statements concerning rules, policies, fees, curricula, courses, or other matters.